The Waiting Room!

3 min readOct 5, 2020

Yash was a college boy, returning to hostel after a holiday break.

Sad inside, Hostel fun is great but home is home.

Reached Railway station at 11:15 PM for a 11:30 PM train.

Cold night, fog and a silent railway station.

An announcement that train is 3 hours late.

Lets wait here only why to go back home and disturb everyone.

Went inside the Waiting room. A dull place with ugly faces around.

Sadness has already taken away the energy of him and now he had to spend 3–4 hours in a waiting room.

Suddenly He spotted a girl sitting opposite to him, some 10 feet away, with their Dad who was sleeping.

“Should I just try luck?” He thought.

But He was already committed to someone and he was indeed a loyal guy.

“But just looking at someone is harmless”, heart responded.

Just to pass time of some hours he started looking at the girl and was getting the same interest from the girl too.

5–10 seconds eye-contact with her and Time started to fly.

He did something stupid intentionally and she smiled, was a green signal.

The “committed status” started stopping him but that boredom kept him going.

Time spent quickly and he heard the announcement for his train.

He lifted the bag, looked at her and came out of waiting room.

He was in belief that she would come out too as a token of “Good Bye, forever”.

He looked back after some steps but nobody was there.

Smiled and reached to his platform. Waiting Room was still visible from his platform.

Suddenly she came out of waiting room and stood opposite him, Railway line was in between him and her.

Train was coming in 10 minutes, he came back to the waiting room again and in a hurry says:

“Hey, It’s Yash. Friends?”

Don’t know where he got the courage from.

She replied in “Yes”

They both asked for their names, She was Puja.

He shared his number, returned back to his platform and disappeared.

Next Day, He got a call.

Talks started but till then he realized it’s a mistake. He was already committed to someone.

He was just not interested in talking to her but could not say “No” to her, yes it was a mistake.

After few days a disaster happened, a hostel friend took his mobile jokingly and sent those 3 words to her.

It was like a joke to that friend.

When he told Yash about it, He could not believe, how can someone send this message to a girl from my mobile.

He called Puja to clarify, It was midnight.

But It was too late, She picked up the phone and was crying, in happiness.

She just said

“Tomorrow you will not say na that it was a joke? U are serious na?”

Yash could not say anything, just said yes and disconnected.

He was trapped, He was already committed, did not want to keep the conversations going on with Puja.

But how to stop, she was just too sentimental, it could have broken her heart.

So He thought to make a bad image of him so that she just gets fed up and stop talking herself.

He told her He is an alcoholic, womanizer type and all bad qualities.

But she always said, “I will fix all your bad qualities once you are with me”

He would not pick her phone 50 times and when receives her call at the 51th time, she would never complain.

She invited Yash for a date in her city, He never dated

She was once in the city where Yash lived, invited him

Yash did not go, why to take things to another extent.

He never met her, despite the fact she was ready for everything.

Because He was a loyal guy.

It was just a mistake that he started all this for some hours out of boredom.

Another day, he received a call from her friend saying that she will do something bad to her if you don’t meet her.

This matter, started in a fun timepass was going out of hand now.

He took the decision, changed his number and just disappeared from her life, forever.

It’s been many years but the feeling of guilt is still there.

“Don’t play with someone just because you are bored, never”




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